Choosing a chair for relaxation

Everyone loves a comfortable chair and thankfully, relaxing chairs are available in a huge variety of styles. You’ll know the one that’s right for you when you sit in it and carry out the following checks:

Am I able to get out of it easily?

Does it support my spine?

Do I want a headrest which allows me to lean back?

Do I need armrests?

Whether it’s for indoor and outdoor use, a beautiful couch or a rocking chair that looks like a sculpture, even if it looks comfortable, it might not necessarily have been designed to offer optimal relaxation. A relaxation seat is more than a simple ergonomic chair. With multi-position backrests, adjustable headrests, adjustable footrests and armrests, it allows the user to relax, in an ideal position. Today, there are many versions of the classic lounging chairs.

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Manual relaxation chairs

Manual relaxation chairs offer the advantage of being simple to use, because they do not require batteries or mains power. Manufacturers are able to use the very best in ergonomics to promote relaxation. Some chairs might require a light pressure from the body to lie the chair completely flat. It is suggested that people who suffer from back problems should choose a model with notches and bolts that can be manually adjusted before use, like a reclining chair, for example. These seat types also have the advantage of being easy to move, from the living room to the garden, for example, as well as being easy to store after use. A chair like the Eames Rocking Chair from a site like for example.

This chair type is often recommended for older people, people with reduced mobility, or those recovering from an injury. The user adjusts the angle and position using a handle or remote control, for example. Even when recommended for medical reasons, powered lifting chairs will still be large, expensive, hardly suitable for small spaces, and require a nearby electrical outlet.

Criteria for choosing the right chair


Seat depth and backrest height plays a decisive role in the overall comfort. Size is an important criterion. It is better to opt for a model with backrest and adjustable headrest and leg rest. Also, seat comfort cannot be judged by how comfortable it looks. Padding that’s too soft could sag. If you decide on a model with padding, be sure to choose a sturdy foam with high density.

Use Think about the potential use of the relaxation chair, such as whether you intend it to be used as a living room or desk chair, for example. Will the seat also be used outdoors during the summer? To use relaxation chairs in a variety of contexts, it is better to choose a light, multi-function product to be able to have the time to relax in the garden, and also when on holiday. Portable furniture collections are easy to transport and adapt to different environments and uses.

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