How To Decide On Smart and Creative Bespoke Balustrade Design

The balustrade is an essential part of any staircase or even balcony. Its primary role is to protect users, preventing them from falling and injuring themselves. But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be stylish and unique.

All you have to do is visit a specialist in balustrade installations to start the process of deciding on a smart and creative bespoke balustrade design.

Consider The Surroundings

The first step in deciding on smart and creative balustrades is to consider the space available around the balustrade. The more space you have the larger and more ornate the balustrades can be. This instantly makes them more of a statement.

Of course, you need your balustrades to complement the existing décor, which means taking it into consideration first.

A good installer will have an app to help you visualize the balustrade before you commission it. This is important as once you commission your bespoke balustrade you won’t be able to change it. That’s why you need to spend time looking at what others have done, creating your design, and visualizing it on an app.

Let the Light In

Don’t forget that balustrades are often on stairs and the amount of light they allow in will affect the look and feel of the area below.

For this reason, you should consider letting the light into the area through the balustrade. It can be done by using gaps in metal or wood balustrades or even by adopting a glass balustrade.

Look At Material Options

Glass is becoming one of the most popular options and it’s not just because it looks modern or lets the light through. The truth is that glass can be etched with personal designs and can be complemented with steel supports or even appear supportless.

There are other options worth considering, such as stainless steel which can look stunning in a contemporary house.  You can also opt for the more traditional approach, wood, or even wrought iron.

But, the most important part of looking at different material options is to see how they can be bent or shaped to create something that offers safety and style. The array of possibilities is almost endless, providing you have professional help creating your balustrade.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Materials and light levels help to create the wow factor that you’re looking for. But, what will really make your balustrade stand out as stylish and creative is the bespoke touch.

This is one time where you can let your imagination run wild. Whether you like the look and feel of wood with carvings in it, glass with etching, or metal coiled in strange, almost mystic ways, there is something that will appeal to everyone.

All you have to do is look at what you are trying to create in your home and create a design. The balustrade installers will handle everything else for you.

All you have to do is stand back and admire what you have created.

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