All You Need to Know About Metal Roof

Metal roofing has become a favorite option for almost all homes as well as commercial establishments. This roofing system is a shingle-style roofing material using metal materials. Here are things to note in case you are pondering about the advantages of metal roofs.

The installation of metal roofing over an existing roofing system is possible

Without detaching shingles, it is possible to install metal roofs over your existing roofing system.Before having metal roofs built directly over old shingles, make sure to check local building codes.Determine if your area requires full tear-off of your old roofing system.

If your local government allows it, you can save more with this option. Although what is typically favored is the removal of the shingles, the process can also be untidy besides being more costly.

An expected issue with this kind of process is a water leak. Dampness can grow and cause decay and molds whenever moisture is caught between the old and the new material. Yet a vented metal roofing that prevents this potential problem can be introduced by the roofers you will hire. Or on the other hand, the application of the new metal material would lift the metal and give between layers a ventilating air pocket.

Metal roofs are very accessible

Metal roofing was once exclusively used by well-off families or specially designed homes. This is not true today.Any house can now be constructed with metal roofing. This means that it is easily found in the market due to expanding accessibility.Because of its increasing popularity, its market share in the roofing industry continues to increase. It is no surprise then that this roofing system is available anywhere.

Metal roofs work perfectly with low slopes

Many think that metal roofing is only suitable for steep slopes. However, what is ideal for pitched roofs is standing-seam metal roofing.

Metal roof does not attract the striking of lightning

You may believe that a metal roofing will draw in lightning, however, this is not based on facts or science. It is a common misconception but the metal roofs, by their type of material, do not make them prone to lightning strikes.Moreover, this material is less combustible as compared to other roofing materials like shingles and wood shakes.

Metal roofs are energy efficient roofs

Your electricity bill will be reduced when you have metal roofing. This is because it can help reduce your cooling costs by 10% to 25% because this roofing system reflects heat coming from the sun. If you are looking to save energy, this is a good option for you.

Metal roofing is not noisy

It is a wrong idea that metal roofs are noisy when rain or hail falls on them. As long as they are properly installed, this can be guaranteed, and you will not worry about noise issues. Plus, with insulation and an attic, you can have soundproofing. Occupants will rarely experience any noise issues from within living spaces when a metal roofing is installed. For the best metal roof installers in the area, contact us.

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