Pool Lighting Repair and Replacement Tips

Your swimming pool and entire backyard will look great at night with some pool lights. The ambiance it can bring can either be cozy, lively, or exciting. But when problems happen with your pool lights, you may need to do the appropriate pool equipment repair. However, you must know that the process is not easy. Thus, you may need the professional help of a pool equipment repair expert just to make sure that the gets to be done right, quick, and safe for the owners. To learn more about the process, here are some helpful tips that you must take note of:

  1. Once you notice one or more of the pool lights are off or blinking and plan on checking the issue, you should start by shutting down the power. This should also be the case when you prepare your pool area when the pool equipment repair company will work on the lights. In the process of fixing it, make sure that you will leave a sign that tells people to not turn the power on due to the ongoing repair.
  • You should proceed with doing a thorough inspection of the bulb. First, look at the back housing whether it is coated with algae. Note that this can usually be a cause of the problem because this acts like an insulator that does not allow the bulb to properly cool down when turned on. If that happens, your pool lighting usually has this cycle:it turns on for about five minutes and then turns off.
  • If you find any sort of algae-like coating in the fixture, you should first wipe it down. Then you should proceed with checking the gasket. Look at the grommet too. This is where the cord enters the housing of the light. You should find any sign of corrosion, cuts and nicks, or wear and tear. If there is any, a pool equipment repair company would certainly replace the entire housing fixture and you should too. 
  • On the other hand, it is also possible that the housing fixture may not have the signs mentioned. In which case, you should determine that the fixture is not the issue because it is in good shape. Thus, you should now take it apart to remove the bulb.
  • Once you remove the bulb, you can now check the fixture’s interior. When you see corrosion or water. If there is none, then the fixture is in good shape. Thus, you should now replace or change the bulb.
  • After replacing or changing the bulb, you can now reassemble the housing fixture. Take note that in all pool equipment repair process of pool lights, the gasket should always be replaced. The goes even if the gasket is not the cause of the issue.
  • Make sure that you check if it works. Turn the power back on, then see if the replacement bulb illuminates. Do not leave it on for too long to avoid it overheating.

To avoid aggravating the problem, you can just get some professional help. Plus, many professional pool equipment repair companies cannot only repair the damage but also educate you about the problem and give you recommendations on how you can properly maintain your pool equipment.

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