Working in Industrial Maintenance

There are many industries in the United States that require intricate machinery in order to run well.  In all industries, time is money, so ensuring the efficient function of these machines by reducing equipment breakdowns is a key piece of keeping companies flowing to serve the general needs of the population. 

Food processing companies, refineries, construction supply companies, and printing presses all require good technology and well-oiled machines to make everything run smoothly. Having an industrial maintenance Albany GA strategy is a key piece of operating well, and there are several careers available to those interested in this field. 


An industrial mechanic is someone with specialized training in the installation and repair of industrial machines. Utilizing machine manuals and experience, mechanics are trained to assess, disassemble, repair, and reassemble different types of machinery that might be used in a vast array of industries. On-the-job training is a necessary piece to becoming an industrial mechanic. Training is generally completed over the course of two years, coupled with industry-specific courses. 


An industrial engineer is charged with the initial design of the machinery needed within the industry. The engineer collaborates directly with the workers in the field that he is designing the equipment for, in order to understand the overall processes needed for success in the tasks at hand. Engineers generally receive a 4-5 year degree from an accredited university and specialize in a specific industry of choice, from automobile making to food processing. 


An industrial maintenance supervisor is a key role in most industries, as this person is the one who is working with both the engineer and mechanic to make sure that the machinery is 1) designed well for its intended purpose, and 2) maintained well so that it can operate most efficiently and effectively within the factory setting. 

Good engineers and mechanics are needed to keep hundreds of industries in the United States running well. These industrial careers are very fulfilling. 

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