Bringing Roaring Twenties Glamour to Your Home

When it comes to glamour, no decade can match the 1920s. This decade was known for being one of the most exuberant and extravagant periods ever seen, with fashion, architecture, interior design, and interior decor all experiencing unprecedented levels of style and sophistication.

Give your home an elegant twist of Roaring Twenties glamour by adopting timeless trends such as those listed here.

Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco interior design style has long been associated with glamour and elegance. This major 20th-century aesthetic movement can be identified by geometric forms, rich jewel tones and luxurious materials; and has recently experienced a resurgence of popularity due to this stunning aesthetic.

Recreate this luxurious aesthetic in your space by incorporating elements such as mirrored surfaces and bold colors, decorative sculptures with sleek curves and geometric forms, lighting fixtures with sleek designs such as chandeliers or sconces with sleek metal frames and geometric forms, lighting fixtures with geometric forms, or lighting fixtures with Art Deco flair into your decor.

Art deco designs featured bold shades, especially deep jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue. If you’re not quite ready to embrace such striking tones, try more subdued neutral colors such as warm beiges or creamy creams instead; these color schemes provide the ideal platform for later adding bolder accents.

Vintage Cars

An iconic classic car captures its era’s unique design language, cultural influences, and engineering advances with precision and enthrallment. These cars transport enthusiasts back in time and offer them an engaging historic experience.

Vintage vehicles typically refer to vehicles over 25 years old; this term can often be used interchangeably with “antique” and “classic.” Some enthusiasts define vintage as cars produced between 1919 and 1930.

Provenance is key when valuing vintage cars; vehicles associated with significant historical events or individuals tend to command higher values and may appreciate over time, making them desirable investments for collectors. Regular driving is vital in maintaining vintage car performance and longevity; whether taking short rides around your neighborhood or longer journeys along scenic routes, regular drives will keep its engine well-lubricated, battery charged and prevent corrosion damage that might compromise its integrity.

Gatsby-Inspired Fashion

Behold the elegance and opulence of this jazz age by donning an impeccable suit, classic accessories, and a chic hat – guaranteed to leave an impression at any Great Gatsby themed party!

Just after World War I, Americans found freedom in exploring fashion trends and lifestyles that challenged convention. One such fashion trend that emerged was the flapper dress; an expression of rebellion and decadence. Today it remains an essential piece for Roaring Twenties enthusiasts everywhere.

Men’s fashion was also marked by change during this era, featuring plaid, tweed and linen as popular materials for suits. For an authentic Gatsby-esque ensemble try pairing your Plaid shirt with Tweed pants and linen suits paired with either a red repp bow tie, club-contrast collar shirt and red repp bow tie; accessorize further by wearing either a straw boater hat or felt fedora; complete your ensemble with Anthropologie’s Peter Pan collar necklace which adds flair reminiscent of something Gatsby would wear!

Gatsby-Inspired Beds

An elegant Great Gatsby-themed party is an effective way to transport guests back into this glamorous era. Cocktails served from a signature drink cart, jazz bands and Charleston dancers performing live, as well as a monogrammed dance floor will help your guests experience this bygone period in all its splendor.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby has come to stand as the literary symbol of these heady times, featuring Jay Gatsby whose extravagant lifestyle epitomises Art Deco style.

Add a taste of this decadent era into your home with this stylish leather sofa featuring gold-leafed finish and dark walls for an opulent vibe. Pair with matching oxblood-colored chair for complete seating area. This room divider represents modern interpretations of Art Deco design’s signature lines and curves; brass is often chosen, though wood may also be combined to achieve organic looks; metallic shades such as silver and platinum should also feature prominently.

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