How To Hire A Roofing Contractor

A roof is essential to a house since it provides structural support. It also protects the home from rainwater leak damage such as molds. Yet, installing or repairing a roof is an expensive investment that requires buying raw materials and paying for labor. Hiring a good roofer is essential to ensure quality work and that you get value for your money. Read on to identify four tips for hiring a roofing contractor.

Hire Local Companies

Local roofing contractors are liable to do a good job installing products like IKO roofing materials since they are professionals. Local contractors are familiar with local building codes, including any new updates. Moreso, they are well-versed with localized conditions affecting roofs in the area, such as storms, and they will put contingency plans in place. Hiring local contractors means that contractors will be around to fix future problems with your roof. You also get to support the local community. Check that the company has a permanent establishment. Beware of out-of-area contractors that hire a post office address or a satellite office to appear local.

Check for Recent Reviews

Ask for referrals from people in your area who have had work done on their roof. Referrals are vital since it shows a good working relationship between roofing contractors and their clients. Drive around the area and see what work the roofing contractors have done so you can judge whether it meets your standards. Also, read online reviews. Look for consistent, honest, and genuine reviews, since unscrupulous roofing contractors offer discounts to get good reviews. Check for customer dissatisfaction and how it is addressed.

Enquire about Roofing Materials

All roofing customers have different expectations. Some want their roof repaired while others want a new one installed. Ask about the brand that the roofing contractor installs. A contractor specializing in specific roofing materials such as IKO shingles or clay tiles is more likely to do a better job than one generalizing. Also, enquire whether there is a manufacturer’s warranty on the product. However, the manufacturer’s warranty is subject to proper roof installation. Check that the contractor offers a craft warranty. The security will give you peace of mind, since if the contractor does an erroneous job, they are required to fix it.

Licensing and Insurance

In some states, a roofing contractor must be insured to operate legally, while others are not required. Insist on seeing the contractor’s licensing and insurance to confirm that the liability coverage is in effect throughout your project. Also, ask whether the roofing contractor is bonded. A bond will protect you if the company goes out of business and you need repair or the contractor does not honor the roofing contract.

Hiring a roofing company takes more than choosing one based on intuition. Instead, read online reviews and ask for referrals to ensure they are from reputable roofing companies. Also, hire local contractors since they are well-versed in the region’s building conduct.

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