How to Renovate Your Bathroom in a Rio Grande Valley Style

Decorating with a Mexican flair has taken off in places you would never expect, like London. For a long time, bathroom designs have emphasized sleek and slick lines, bland, neutral colors maybe interrupted by some wallpaper, and creating more space over creating more color.

But in recent year, Mexican design has become more influential all over the world, so homeowners everywhere are pursuing upscale do-overs inspired by bathroom renovation in Rio Grande Valley.

Rio Grande Valley Style Is Colorful

Decorating your bathroom — or any other room in your house — in a South Texas style requires attention to three things: 

Color, color, and more color!

Bold colors are basic to decorating in Rio Grande Valley style. These colors are green and orange in their brightest shades, electric blue, turquoise, fuchsia, and sunflower yellow.

You don’t have to use all the colors on the South Texas palette. You can start with the two or three colors you like the most. There are no combinations that are forbidden in South Texas bathrooms, although most people will combine:

  • Electric blue, sunflower yellow, and fuchsia, or
  • Fuschia, electric blue, and safe green, or
  • Bright green, sunflower yellow, and orange, or
  • Turquoise, bright red, and fuschia.

Why are colors so popular in South Texas homes? There’s the Mexican influence, of course, but there is also another reason. Solid blocks of color break up small spaces and make rooms feel bigger.

Many designers in Mexico still incorporate some neutral colors, like tan and terracotta, to direct the eye away from certain parts of the bathroom. 

Rio Grande Valley Style Is Layered

Bathroom remodels in the Rio Grande Valley don’t use just color. They add at least one layer to the solid colors at the base of the design.

This second layer of bathroom design can be colorful wallpaper, Saltillo tile, or fabrics.

  • Wallpaper gives you a way to bring plants into your bathroom without having to water them, make sure they get sunlight, and aren’t eaten up by spider mites. It is hard to find space for real plants in most South Texas bathrooms, but there is always room for a beautiful nature print on the wall.
  • You don’t really have to take a quick trip to Saltillo to get your bathroom tile, although many people do! In all the larger towns in the Rio Grande Valley, you can find a huge selection of bathroom tiles and the professionals to install it. You could use one-color tile to tone down your color choices, or tiles with a design from nature to spice it up.
  • Textiles are your best friend when you are trying to coordinate your bathroom design with your linens and towels. Wall fabric of the same texture and color as your towels and linens really makes both pop!

How does a Rio Grande Valley bathroom redesign all come together?

How about this: Put down beautiful Saltillo tiles on the floor. Paint the ceiling a solid color, but place beautiful wallpaper behind a standing up. Install shades on your bathroom windows that complement but aren’t te same as your other solid colors, and add some real plants near your windows if you have space.

Bathroom design in Rio Grande Valley style is “happy” design. Bathrooms can be redone in uplifting colors. The key to success is to focus on bright, memorable colors and bring nature indoors. You will love the result and, when you resell your house, the next owner will love it, too.

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