Maximizing Space: How to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom


Having a small bathroom can be frustrating as you strive to maximize the limited space available. But don’t give up just yet! There are plenty of creative solutions for maximizing your small bathroom space.

This article covers smart storage options and design tricks for creating the illusion of a larger room.We’ll also discuss why it’s a good idea to hire a remodeling contractor to help you tackle more complex projects.

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be ready to make the most of that tiny bathroom of yours. Let’s get started!

Choose a Compact Vanity or Pedestal Sink

When choosing a sink for a small bathroom, consider a compact vanity or a pedestal sink. Compact vanities are a great choice for small spaces, as they provide storage and sink space in a more compact form. Pedestal sinks, on the other hand, free up more floor space in the room. They provide a classic and timeless look, but may not offer storage options.

When shopping for a sink or vanity, pay attention to the dimensions to make sure it fits in your space. Keep in mind that you’ll need to leave room for the door to open and close and for other bathroom fixtures. Measure the area, and be sure to double-check before you make a purchase.

When deciding between a vanity or pedestal sink, think about your overall design style and budget. Whichever sink you choose, you’ll be able to maximize the space in your small bathroom.

Install a Shower Niche or Wall-Mounted Storage

Maximizing storage space in a small bathroom can be a challenge. To help, consider adding a shower niche or wall-mounted storage.

Shower niches are a great way to store items out of sight such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other toiletries. Not only do they provide extra storage, they can also add an aesthetic appeal to the bathroom.

Wall-mounted storage can also help maximize space in a small bathroom while adding a decorative element. These shelves can be used to display items such as decorative towels, candles, and plants.

Both shower niches and wall-mounted storage are great options to make the most of a small bathroom. Installing either option will create more storage space while adding style and function to your bathroom.

Opt for a Pocket Door or Barn Door

If you have a cramped bathroom but need the extra space for storage, consider replacing your traditional door with a pocket door or barn door. Pocket doors open by sliding into a wall cavity, giving you more wall space to hang shelves or cabinets. Barn doors, on the other hand, slide across a track off to the side instead of opening outward. Either of these options will provide you with more room and a modern look!

Installation isn’t too difficult, and many home improvement stores offer pre-made kits for either option. Before you purchase one for yourself, make sure that your wall can accommodate the extra space needed for the door. Have fun shopping for the perfect door for you and your bathroom!

Use Light Colors and Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space

Small bathrooms can feel claustrophobic, but with the right design, you can create the illusion of more space. Neutral and light colors are great for making a small space appear bigger. White and pale shades of blues and greens will help reflect the light and give the bathroom a more open and airy feel.

In addition to light colors, mirrors make a huge difference in a small space. Mirrors help visually expand the area by representing multiple reflections of the room. Placing a large mirror on the wall facing the door is a great way to double the effect of any light.

Finally, you can also add decorative elements to make the space feel larger than it is. Towel racks and shelves can add character to your small bathroom and open up the space. Just be careful not to overcrowd the walls.

With a few easy design tricks, you can make the most of your small bathroom and create an inviting space that you won’t want to leave.

Hire a Remodeling Contractor for Expert Advice

If the scope of your bathroom remodel seems daunting, you may want to rely on the expertise of a professional remodeling contractor. A contractor can provide creative space-maximizing solutions, quality materials, and proper installation for your project.

In addition to helping with the initial planning, they can also suggest specific materials and products to fit your budget. A contractor can suggest optimal choices for fixtures, flooring, storage, and paint colors to enhance the appearance of your compact bathroom.

Furthermore, a contractor will ensure your bathroom remodel is done safely and in a timely manner. The experience, skill and knowledge of a professional can cut down on potential mistakes, saving you from costly repairs or replacements down the road.

If you’re looking for remodeling contractors St George Utah, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable company with a proven track record of successful bathroom remodels.


Maximizing the space in your small bathroom can be a challenge, but no challenge is too big if you know the tricks of the trade. It’s important to remember to keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. Pay attention to small details such as under-sink storage and take advantage of vertical space such as wall shelves and overhead cabinets. 

Additionally, don’t forget to make use of natural light and bright colors to make the space appear larger. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to make the most out of your small bathroom.

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