Reasons To Be Concerned About Mould In A Newly-Acquired Home

If you are looking at purchasing a house or have just got one then you may be wondering whether to book an appointment with a mould inspector and have the house checked. The good news, with everything else going on, is that such an inspection is generally deemed unnecessary unless you have visible signs of mould in the property.

The Problem With Mould

If you have mould in your home then that means there is excessive moisture levels. This is quite possibly a result of a leak or water ingress.

Alongside a mould inspection, you’ll need to have the structure of your home tested and the plumbing system. A common approach to this is via magnetic particle testing as it will find irregularities in any surface and help you track the issue.

Mould itself releases spores into the air. These can then move freely around your home and can be inhaled. The spores are invisible to the naked eye, you won’t know you’ve breathed them in. It can lead to respiratory issues, allergic reactions such as red eyes and runny noses, and it can even trigger asthma attacks. In severe cases, you may even experience a lung infection.

But, your health will not be your only concern. As mould is a response to a damp environment you will be looking for potential leaks, penetration, and even rising damp. It’s not just about the mould. Damp in a property will cause the ground underneath to become saturated. This can encourage movement which could affect the structural stability of your home.

Alongside this, the damp can seep into building materials, especially wood, and cause it to weaken. Wet rot is a serious issue and, if there is enough of it, you may find the property is unstable.

When To Book A Mould Inspection

On the one hand, you probably don’t have a mould issue if you can’t see any mould. This means you don’t need a mould inspection.

However, mould arrives in a wide array of forms and colours. It is also commonly found in the least accessible parts of your home. In short, you may not know you have an issue until the mould has become severe.

That’s why, if you’ve just bought a home, it’s best to instigate a mould inspection even if the house seems clear. The experts will check moisture levels and inspect every nook and cranny to ensure you are mould free. If they find anything it is likely to be in its early stages, giving you the opportunity and the time to beat the issue.

When you booked the inspector you should mention any visible mould. This will allow them to advise you when you can clean it up. While any issue is being found and rectified, regular use of anti-mould cleaners will help to minimize any risk to your health and continue living comfortably in your new property.

That’s the real secret, taking action as opposed to ignoring the issue and hoping it goes away.

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