Things to Know Before Rekeying Your Home’s Locks

Rekeying your home’s locks is a good security precaution that ensures only you and those you trust have access. It is even recommended if you’re moving into a new home since previous residents may have made extra copies of the keys. Unfortunately, robberies can occur as a result. Before you attempt to rekey your locks, learn the steps involved. 

Cost Of Rekeying A Lock

Rekeying a lock for your home costs approximately $19 per cylinder. The price can increase if you have multiple locks. Some rekeying services are cheaper if you take your lock to a locksmith. The cost varies by lock type and location and the process can take as little as 15 minutes. Rekeying a lock costs less than replacing a lock. It is important to be sure to choose a locksmith with a reputation for reliability for home rekeying Orlando.

When pricing a rekeying service, locksmiths consider the number of locks you have in your home. Different types of locks require other resources and time to rekey. To determine how much your service will cost, take inventory of all your locks. If the locksmith estimates the rekeying service as more than one, request itemized receipts. You can negotiate a better price with a locksmith if you know exactly your lock.

Changing Locks

While it may be cheaper to change the locks in your home, you should consider the cost of the process first. If you’re worried about losing your key, you may consider changing the locks instead of rekeying them. In addition to being more convenient, changing locks will ensure that no one can open all of the doors in your home with one key. Changing your house key is a good idea if you’ve ever lost it.

Changing locks is a safer option, as it involves replacing the old lock with a new, more secure one. Rekeying your home is cheaper than replacing your old locks, but the process will require you to pay for some parts, such as new locks and pins. Additionally, you’ll be paying additional locksmith fees to change the locks. So while changing locks can result in a higher level of security, it’s not always the best idea.

Keys You’ll Need To Rekey

When moving to a new home, you should consider rekeying all the doors. After all, you never know how many keys your previous owners and tenants may have left. And, if you lose your keys, you never know who might return and steal your valuables. You should also check your lease contract to see what provisions you have to change the locks and consider rekeying your locks if you have to leave the house.

First of all, make sure you’re rekeying the lock on the front door first. If you’ve recently moved into your new home, you may have forgotten the key to the front door. In addition, if your garage has a lock that has broken down, you should rekey it. Once you’ve rekeyed all the exterior doors, you can proceed with the interior doors.

Safety Considerations

Changing locks can improve security and safety, but rekeying your home may not be the best solution. If you have an old lock, a new key may not work with it, and if you’re not moving, it may be safer to rekey the waves instead of having duplicate keys made. Also, while you should always change locks in the event of a move, rekeying is often covered by a home warranty.

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